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Welcome to 7 Birds Midwifery!

7 Birds Midwifery has been supporting low-risk home birthing families in Southeastern Wisconsin since 2016.  I am proud to follow the Midwifery Model of care which believes that pregnancy and birth is a normal life event and in many cases does not require the specialist care of an OBGYN/hospital.  In countries where the majority of prenatal care and delivery of the baby is managed by a midwife the maternal and infant mortality and morbidity rates are much, much lower.  Recent studies have proven that intended homebirth with a skilled provider in attendance is just as safe, if not safer, than hospital birth for the same low risk families.  


What my clients are saying

Jessica is awesome. I’m so glad we chose her for our midwife! She was so accommodating and helpful with answering all our questions- and made me feel even more comfortable in our decision to have a homebirth. It was an amazing experience!


What my clients are saying

Jessica is amazing. Jessica has been at all 3 of my children’s home-births. She assisted with the first two and was my main care provider for my most recent birth. Working with Jessica has been such a wonderful experience. Jessica is extremely knowledgeable and has always made me feel comfortable with my decision to do a home-birth......"


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