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Jessica Siczkowycz, CPM, LM

Nice to meet you!  I began my journey to midwifery after my first child was born.  It was a great experience in the hospital with an amazing OBGYN.  Afterwards, I felt so driven to help other new mothers feel empowered in their birth and breastfeeding experiences.  I began working as a Doula in 2006 and then a student midwife in 2007.  I had to pause my journey for a little while but in 2011 I became a Certified Lactation Counselor, and in 2012 I restarted my Doula practice and became a midwifery student full time; ready to realize my dream of supporting families in their choice to birth outside the hospital. I trained with one of Wisconsin's most respected midwives, Jan Wolfenberg, and in 2016 I became licensed as a Certified Professional Midwife.  Since returning, I have caught over 200 babies and been present at over 300 deliveries as a Doula and Assistant Midwife.  

I believe that birth is a natural, normal event in a person's life and when well educated and supported is transformative, regardless of where it takes place.  I strongly believe in a personal approach to my practice.  I take my time with my families and create safe spaces to discuss all facets of life and how they impact a healthy pregnancy.  Another cornerstone of my care is evidence based practices and full informed consent.  I make every attempt to stay updated on new guidelines and research and provide this information to my clients, while holding true to the art of midwifery, which is often deeply rooted in intuition and tradition.

Home is where the heart is!  We will be birthing in your home, and in that spirit, you will receive your care in my home :)  I allow my clients to make appointments a family event by bringing their kiddos, partners or supportive family members.  This allows for family bonds to deepen and normalizes the process of pregnancy and birth for all members of the family!

I look forward to meeting you and am deeply honored and privileged to accompany you on your journey of bringing this new sweet life earthside.  

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